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Lalil "Pooklook Phonthip" , a delightful and shrewd young lady. Not set in stone to be the leader of the organization In request to proceed with the privately-owned company instead of his dad, Warong "Pairote Sangwaributr", however at that point that trust was far away. For some reasons father Until Lalin felt hurt and disheartened that her dad didn't have faith in her capacities. This lament made her meet and safeguard "Tono Phakin", a youthful madsur. The destiny for the two of them was brought into the world the evening of One Night Stand until they needed to go to the wedding of lightning that was unavoidable.
at the point when a certain young lady Falling from a pony and passing on from adoration and should wed a youthful sir who is prepared to safeguard you in all that will wind up cheerfully or not Follow this mayhem in the show "Wedding Lightning" each Monday - Tuesday at 8:20 p.m. on Channel 31