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Sai Khim (Urasaya Spebund), an honest young woman, met with Kaw Kla (Mario Maurer) , an unfortunate carport proprietor. Knowing and leaving each other for a while and following 7 years, Sai Khim met with a courageous one once more, yet thought for even a second to become Karl Raman, the embraced child of the replacement of the business. Asia (Methinee Kingpayom) , the rich man who saved his life, while Sai Khim turned into the main successor to the family. lodging business Songsil (Yuranan Pamonmontri) in full. She is as of now not a blameless young lady . Sai Khim knows that Phichika (Asana Buranan) , the envious sister by marriage of Songsilpa. Her dad desires to remove the business. Prompat (Warith Hongsanan) and Primprao (Sanantachat) Thanapatpisan) her two kids who disdain the dulcimer line, the dulcimer should safeguard everything. It's hers, not to be taken over by anybody.
Sai Khim is getting hitched to Tanthai (Tachatorn Sap-anan) , the child of a popular bank proprietor , however when he meets Kao Kla once more, Sai Khim flips out. The more I see the gallant Klaus Claire ( Ratcharawee Uakulwarawat) , a well known model. Sai Khim is subtly harmed . Rarin (Ramawadee Nakchat) , Claire's mom, gets back to Thailand, allowing Sai Khim an opportunity to be close. also, was intrigued with her Wonderfully realize that the fearless step became Rich attractive young fellow She acted near come and catch him. I promptly tried on the grounds that I knew as a venturing stone presently will make her fake Sai Khim sufficiently. Mbaradi professed to shake her head. a worm to battle with business with Song Si L and Phromphat