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"Bua Pan" (Aum-Issaya) , a kind lady, a town young lady at Nang Khoi Village on the Mekong River, a young lady who has needed to confront karma in her previous existence. That brought about her being heavily influenced by the Mekong River soul or "Chao Mae Thao Huk" (Yihua-Priyakan) from a little kid who is exquisite, merciful, doesn't consider severely anybody, needs to turn into an entourage of the Mekong River soul. Furthermore, when Bua Pan is woven by the goddess' body She will transform from a typical looking young lady. turn into a wonderful young lady who bait individuals down to the hidden world as a penance to the goddess weaver Everyone in the town was dubious of Bua Pan. As it were "Specialist Akkanee" (Mai-Writ) , a youthful specialist who came from the funding to proceed with the exploration of Dr. Prawet, his dad who has considered, investigated and gathered data. research on "Social Psychiatry"mental disease brought about by conviction and the privileged insights of the wide open before he passed on Akane was the one in particular who didn't really accept that that Bua Pan was moved by a phantom of the Mekong River. and furthermore attempting to figure out how to demonstrate that everything is simply supply. Without realizing that Agni had been hanging tight for his return for quite a while. in view of the karma that we have done together since the previous existence making them travel to meet again to clear all the karma that has at any point been finished The sister who took her sweetheart was brought back to life with her adored man! Also, will this gathering cause Goddess Tukok to satisfy what she had been sitting tight for millennia? Prepared to follow to help Dr. Akanee and Bua Pan to effectively deliver this catch Follow the tale of adoration, murder, and the quest for the reality of this catch. in the show "Mekong River Spirit" communicates each Friday-Saturday-Sunday at 8:20 PM. on Channel 3, the primary episode on Saturday, August 20!!