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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (Chinese: 斛珠夫人; pinyin: Húzhū Fūrén) is a Chinese historical fantasy television series starring Yang Mi and William Chan, based on Xiao Ruse's novel with the same name. It aired on Tencent Video and WeTV from 10 November 2021, and on Beijing Television channel from 13 November 2021. During the Zheng Dynasty, efforts to obtain the rare Naga pearl causes Ye Haishi, a girl from a fishing village, to lose her father. As the rest of her family and villagers are threatened by soldiers, the passing first minister Fang Zhu takes her under his wing as his disciple. Disguised as a male, she enters the imperial court as the emperor Zhu Zhongxu's bodyguard. While Fang Zhu and Haishi love each other, a turn of events forces the couple apart. After Haishi’s real gender is revealed, she becomes the emperor’s consort in name and is conferred the title 'Madame Naga Pearl.