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This scene can tell that the young men shouldn't miss in light of the fact that the cocoa young lady is provocative full screen. It's whenever Cocoa first has worked with Channel 8, so how about we set the zestiness without limit. Albeit the weather conditions today is blistering But the entertainers Coco Tac Yad Chin Namwan celebrate in light of the fact that they have emerged to film the show similar to the Pranburi ocean. Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Let me let you know that the light is extremely gorgeous today. At the point when the camera is prepared to shoot The chief called every one of the entertainers. Enter the scene before the practice set. begin with cocoa Please post to flaunt the minced figure. Show model abilities, shape the midriff, break hot style, take a bathing suit photoshoot. In favor of deference, he needed to show his craving for the absolute best figure to rule. Prepared to send hypnotizing eyes trusting that Cocoa suffocates. With respect to Tak, he requested to stand attractive and show cool, allowing Coco to fall into the pit while Then Tak requested a preparation exercise to fit the arm muscles. prior to getting cocoa from the water When everybody was prepared to take the genuine photograph, Yat requested Coco to take a photoshoot in the sun in the ocean. Prepared to utilize clairvoyant powers to arrange the surfboard topsy turvy. Cocoa, who can't swim, neglects to fall. battling to save himself Tack, who was worried about the possibility that that it would look uncommon, elected to hop in the water to help. In any case, prior to arriving at Cocoa's body, she swooned. So Yad furtively scoffed at the possibility that this body was going to turn into his own. How about we meet up to check whether Pi's arrangement will find success or not. However, similar to a psychopathic executioner is furtively following the line to the ocean What will the story be straightaway? Try not to miss seeing this scene in the show "The Mara's Head".This Tuesday, August 30, at 8:30 p.m. on the Channel 8 screen, press number 27.