complete/Ongoing episode/EP-36 quality/TH-Drama badge/Dub
The story of Kaew (Asadaporn Siriwatthanakun), a young girl who fights with her mouth and kicks. Hawker selling rice and curry in Ayutthaya One day, Kaew was stalked by his wicked brother-in-law, hoping to do evil. Causing Kaew to decide to run away from home But on the way back, there was something that made Kaew stunned. When she accidentally met Chao Chidchanok (Asadaporn Siriwattanakul) A girl who looks like her as if she was the same person. is escaping death from being chased by his subordinates Chao Narenthon (Um-Amarin), the governor of Wiang Fah. But before Kaew had relieved his doubts Both of them had to split up to escape to survive in different directions. without anyone knowing the fact that Kaew and Chao Chidchanok Both of them are twin brothers who have been separated from each other since birth!